Imperial War Museum

Two months ago, I made the sudden decision to uproot my life and move to London.  It was spontaneous, it was passionate, and I’m still convinced that I made the absolute correct decision.

People.  Yes, many of my friends live in London, which is amazing.  One of my best friends in London lives just down the road from me in Shepherd’s Bush.  I love having so many travel bloggers living around here as well because there’s always something going on, from a birthday party to a night out with drinks.

Lots of interesting day trips and places to visit.  Living in northwest England felt like a bit of a black hole at times — but here in London, it seems like there are so many exciting places within a few hours’ drive!  In the next few months, I hope to enjoy the beaches of Brighton, the architecture of Oxford, and hopefully the landscapes of Cornwall and Devon as well.  I’d also like to return to Bath and get a second crack at the Roman baths.

Visitors are more likely to come.  When people are passing through the UK, where do they pass through?  Nearly all of them pass through London, of course!  And with so many cheap hotels in London, there’s something suitable for every budget.

Ethnic food.  I had no idea how starved I was for ethnic food living in a small town in England’s northwest.  Up there, Italian counts as ethnic food.  With respect, I disagree.  Ever since I’ve moved to London, I’ve been indulging in cuisines from all over the world, especially my two favorite Asian comfort foods: Korean and Vietnamese.  You have no idea how good it is to eat a bibimbap or a big bowl of pho after going without for so long.

Travel blogging events.  There is a huge travel blogging community here in London, and there are always events taking place that make it easy to network with PR companies, destination marketing organizations, and other travel-related companies and businesses.  As I’ve learned again and again, there’s nothing more valuable than networking.

It’s easy to go anywhere else.  I love that there are so many cheap last minute holidays departing from London.  Because it’s the main transportation hub, deals are often cheapest from London.  They’re certainly the cheapest ones from the UK.

So whether I want to fly to Italy and eat everything in sight or fly to Greece and relax on a beautiful beach, or even just go explore a new Eastern European city, anything is possible.  And when you’re as flexible as I am on dates or destinations, you can find some truly unbelievable holiday deals.

Living in London has been wonderful so far…and I know it will only get better!